NV20 Pro launches in the United States

NorthVu Delivers First Commercially-Available Fractal Indoor HDTV Antenna With Powerful Broadcast TV Reception for Consumers

Ottawa, ON June 26, 2012 - NorthVu Systems Inc. (NorthVu), manufacturer of the NV20 Pro, today released the first commercially-available fractal indoor HDTV antenna in North America.  The NV20 Pro Fractal Indoor HDTV Antenna uses NorthVu's patent-pending fractal antenna system, which allowed NorthVu to build a smaller digital TV antenna without compromising performance.  Ultra compact and elegant in design, the antenna blends in to any home entertainment environment. 

The NV20 Pro offers consumers two key advantages over other leading indoor TV antennas.  First, it is 40% smaller than comparable products while delivering great Omni-directional digital broadcast TV reception.  The second advantage is that the NV20 Pro performs better in multipath environments by allowing it to capture more TV signals than many other indoor TV antennas.  Multipath propagation occurs when signals reach the receiving antenna by two or more paths, as a result of reflections from buildings, mountains or other reflective surfaces including water, causing interference or signal reception issues.

"More consumers across the North America are choosing to take control of their cable TV costs by using a TV antenna to watch the top network and local broadcast TV for free,” says David Mosley, Vice President of Business Development of NorthVu Systems Inc.  “The NV20 Pro is receives digital broadcast TV channels directly off-air and supports stunning Full HD, providing consumers with better picture quality than that offered by cable or satellite distribution.  By combining the NV20 Pro to receive live digital TV broadcast programming with the volumes of on-demand movies and shows available via online streaming, consumers get the ‘best of both worlds’ and save money.”

The NV20 Pro is optimized to receive VHF-High, UHF digital broadcast TV (channels 7 thru 69) and FM radio signals.  With no assembly required, the NV20 Pro is easy to set up and connects to HDTVs, digital converters / set top boxes (STB), or computers with a TV tuner. 



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